I’m tired of our leaders (government or otherwise), re-defining the phrase “bad to worse” every other day. We thought things couldn’t be any worse when Mr. Ten percent took the Presidential office of our “Islamic” Republic.¬†We now have a hundred more reasons to believe we were wrong – things as they stand today are in no comparison to how bad things were when he took oath.

Every other day, someone stands up claiming to sweep the country out of its problems with a long march or a “Tsunami”, yet actions show nothing happening.

Every other day, me and you bear with excessive hours of load-shedding, with our businesses going down that directly impact the state of employment, which has a killing impact on our power to feed, clothe and protect ourselves and our families.

That said, we still have time to go out and kill in the name of God those who dare differ to what we opine. We have all the time and resources in the world to kill in the name of our religious, sectarian and ethnic associations.

Whatever happens to us is by design, someone out there is conspiring against us – all the time – yet we plunder and kill in the name of provincialism, nationalism or whatever.

Denial. It is the state in which we find ourselves in, as a nation. We are conspiracy kings, by now.