Democracy – Rule of the people!


pakistan-azad-or-deathMusharraf would be smiling today – not at the visuals we are seeing from Islamabad – but at his own good judgment about the days to come. Pakistan ka Khuda Hafiz, he said in his parting words to the people. He knew he was right, he knew he had succumbed to a vicious smear campaign by the “free” media. He knew he had no choice but let the people see for their own selves over time.

Democracy – Rule of the People – was alive and kicking again with the Pakistan People’s Party in its prime. Zardari taking over as President and the economy on a strikingly steep decline. But it was all good. “We” were in power after all. (more…)

An election drawn on ethnic lines

The Gloom!

It is a sad state of affairs. Not that a particular party lost. But because we are NOT a nation even after 66 years!

Yesterday marked a very important day in the history of Pakistan. On May the 11th, Election day 2013, the educated masses (including the Middle, Upper Middle and Affluent segments of our society) hoped for “Change” and a “New” Pakistan to be born from here on. The results have been pouring in as I jot these lines down.

As the results suggest, the PML-N, a party whose stronghold has always been Punjab and is widely regarded as the party of the province, is all set to gain a simple majority in the National Assembly. The stage is set for Nawaz Sharif to take oath as Prime Minister. Interestingly the Indian Premier, Manmohan Singh, was amongst the first to call and congratulate Nawaz Sharif. You can make out the rest.

The PML-N has always focused on Punjab, with their leaders hardly ever visiting any other provinces, because the Punjab accounts for 148 of the 272 electable National Assembly seats. That is a simple majority in itself. Let me put it this way. If a party knows it can keep the people of one particular province and ethnicity happy, they will always be in a position to form a government at the center. How can anybody close their eyes to the risk of other provinces being ignored, despite similar experiences throughout our history?


My life these days


Yep, that is me in black. On the boundary wall of Khanpur dam, 50 Kms from Islamabad city. The happy, free, air. And on the right, that’s a colleague from work. And don’t bother to think any further. I am most definitely NOT that type :P

It has been a long time since I connected with all of you. Due to search engines and the heavy content up here, I’m still getting a lot of traffic despite having neglected this personal space of mine for ‘professional’ writing at another techie blog of mine, some start-up ventures of my own and of course, Naukri!

So here I am, taking inspiration from a very new and, until now, a ‘virtual’ friend of mine and trying to right down answers to a very common “What’s up?!” question.

Life changed in 2009, ever since I graduated as an Engineer. Started working, almost immediately after graduation, at a local company specializing in Payment systems, the move practically set the direction of my career. I also started my Masters immediately too over the weekends. It was a rigorous routine with no breaks, no holidays at all. A year into my job and doing well, I went through a devastating personal experience (I have never been good with relationships given my straight-talk and no BS approach). I called it quits for a few months. Stopped going to work. Put a halt to my post-grad studies as well. Spent my time in what was close to living a secluded life, in a room to myself, with my immediate family living abroad since forever! (more…)

When we chant, Labbaik Ya Hussain!


I have been offline, not writing, for a very long period of time on issues such as politics or religion. But this event has forced me to. Yesterday, I was part of the thousands of men, women and children who protested Shia Killing in Pakistan, demanding an end to Shia Genocide in the country.

While main stream media COMPLETELY ignored our presence and the complete jamming of Karachi’s busiest road (the M.A. Jinnah road) for 39 hours, I have a responsibility here to show you all what was happening there.

The video below speaks for itself:

Click here if you are unable to view the video below




I’m tired of our leaders (government or otherwise), re-defining the phrase “bad to worse” every other day. We thought things couldn’t be any worse when Mr. Ten percent took the Presidential office of our “Islamic” Republic.¬†We now have a hundred more reasons to believe we were wrong – things as they stand today are in no comparison to how bad things were when he took oath.

Every other day, someone stands up claiming to sweep the country out of its problems with a long march or a “Tsunami”, yet actions show nothing happening.

Every other day, me and you bear with excessive hours of load-shedding, with our businesses going down that directly impact the state of employment, which has a killing impact on our power to feed, clothe and protect ourselves and our families.

That said, we still have time to go out and kill in the name of God those who dare differ to what we opine. We have all the time and resources in the world to kill in the name of our religious, sectarian and ethnic associations.

Whatever happens to us is by design, someone out there is conspiring against us – all the time – yet we plunder and kill in the name of provincialism, nationalism or whatever.

Denial. It is the state in which we find ourselves in, as a nation. We are conspiracy kings, by now.

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